OUR dream team

Ridestore are a bunch of fearless individuals who work in teams. We create from wherever because Slack is our office, and we love to work hard so we can play hard. For us, performance and execution rule. Location and work hours are secondary. And that’s the way we like it.

Although we don’t work right next to each other, we stay connected with digital tools and meetups, and we’re able to make great products through our creative connections. We love working remotely because we crave freedom.

But we don’t take this for granted.  To us, a dream team means that we all perform at our best, and we all help each other reach those levels. We create our dream roles so we can ride together as a team. Want to become one of us? Join the crew. 

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our departments


Customer experiencE

The heart of ridestore is our customer team. The customers are our blood. We have local customer teams working on 7 different markets. We keep adding new teams members as traction grows. The team members are sharing their local customer knowledge with each other and all of ridestore.  The teams also work with all types of project improvements identified through the customers or other ideas that are close to their hearts.


Marketing is about trust and awareness. Which we create by delivering a WOW experience for our customers. In order to scale this feeling, we are using social media. Our marketing efforts go into embracing and boosting the customer power. Some might call it growth marketing, we call it true marketing.

Design & Production

By using our customer's feedback, we break down and rebuild major parts of the design- and production elements. To wear gear created by ridestore should feel like being a part of our movement. It's more than a few designers that have created a jacket. It's new ideas and improvements created together with our customers.

The production team is located in Sweden.

tech development

Our tech is the backbone of ridestore. All parts need to be created to match our customer's behaviour. By working close to our customer teams, we make sure that our tech works seamlessly.

The tech team consists of the most competent and self-managed coders we can find all over the world.