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Ridestore is an e-commerce company that sells snow clothes. We mainly produce and sell our own snow brands. We are growing rapidly in Europe with a yearly turnover of €17 million. Our goal for this year is to double the turnover.

Our marketing consists of word of mouth, influencer marketing, PPC, FB ads and SEO. Our Swedish site is built on an SEO foundation and our SEO performance in Sweden is pretty good. But since we have recently scaled our business to Europe our SEO for the new markets has fallen behind. So now it's time to really get into the SEO game!

We have decentralized most of our company to fit each market. We have local marketing and customer service for example. The same will go for the SEO. We are in the need of SEO activities on a total of seven different languages and domains at the moment.

We are a high-performance remote company. Each of us works from wherever we find best suited. We are working with the best talents we can find around the world. It’s full autonomy but with great responsibility. Execution is the key. Slack is our office.

We are a seasoned based. Our high season is between October and March. At this period we expand almost all parts of the company, from logistics, customer service to marketing. This is to make sure we can perform at 110% at high season.

At off-season we scale down, analyse and plan for the upcoming high season.
The SEO performance though is a never-ending work that needs to be executed whole year round.


How we plan to create great SEO power

We will build a powerful SEO machine within ridestore and are looking for a dedicated person that can take responsibility and drive our SEO forward.

We will build it from the inside out, using first principle thinking and tight cooperation with different parts of the company. So the head of SEO person needs to become one with us. He or she needs to build up our SEO power from the very core of ridestore. On this level, we do not want to work with agencies. Consultants and freelancers could work initially.

Our main SEO goal is to reach and defend the number one positions for our most profitable keywords for many years to come. In all our different markets.


Who are you?

First of all, this role is not for everyone that works with SEO. Our experience has taught us that we have high expectations. It has also taught us that high performance and dedication will come natural and grow from itself if we manage to align a person's true drives with our goals. This will be our challenge. To find this match and start creating magic together. So we both can grow.

That being said you should have a lot of proven hands-on SEO experience within e-commerce or the betting/affiliate industry for example.

You are independent, like to get your hands dirty and goal oriented. You understand that the results are what matters.

In order to scale the SEO activities, you need to be able to set up and support a high performing SEO team. You should have clear ideas on how to create a structure for a high-performance SEO team. You need to be able to identify and hire the best talents in the SEO game. You have the whole world as a talent pool since we will build the SEO team remotely.

Your most important personality trait should be your ability to execute. When we build something at ridestore we usually built it ourselves from scratch. We evaluate and when it gets traction we add more people to the projects. And scale ourselves away. We do keep an overlooking role and are not afraid to dig in and execute at any time. This is how respect and a deeper understanding of the work are created.

So you need to be a pure doer with a holistic perspective. You need to be humble, persistent and self-confident. It's important that you are willing to let other people that can do the work better than yourself do it. Then your role is to assist and inspire.


Last but not least

What we are looking for in a person is that they are self-managed. We believe that if we can align a person's true drives with ridestores goals then we have the best chances of creating something outstanding together. So we give a lot of freedom but this comes with a lot of responsibility for your own and the teams performance.

It's not always easy to work like this, you need to be independent, have an inner drive, focus and discipline.

In addition to this, we are changing constantly. Since our customers are changing fast we need to adapt to their behaviour. Otherwise, we do not earn their respect and do not deserve to coexist with them. This means that we have to be the best e-commerce company at adapting. So no structures are taken for granted, at any time, parts or everything can be reconstructed, scaled or taken down. The only thing we can be certain of is that we will change.

What we can offer you

  • Fixed salary
  • Work remotely from anywhere in the world
  • A career in a profitable and fast growing e-commerce company
  • A company environment where you can be yourself




- A few years experience of delivering great SEO result
- Being a "leading by doing" team-leader that focus fully on the teams result

- Have to hunger to always learn more

- Have the ability to constantly change from holistic to detailed perspective

- Be persistent and patience

- Recruiting skills


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