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Ridestore’s production team has one rad goal: to support a snow movement by solving complex problems through design and product development. Ridestore is a tech-fashion leader, and we’re growing fast. We’re looking for creatives to join our production team who want to do something about their craft.

Create Your Own Job With Ridestore 

Are you always on the lookout for your next big adventure? Do thrills entice you and complex problems pump you up? Then you’re one of us. 

At Ridestore, you’re going to create your role, and we’re going to support you in that. An eCommerce snow revolution starts by forgetting everything you know and starting something fresh. We’re not going to bog you down with formalities or hierarchy. At Ridestore, you don’t have to let your passion collide with your work schedule. Here, you’re constantly on the move, but you get to plan your time your way. Skip out for a run in the sun and then dig deep to develop products that customers want to ride in. 

We’ll let you walk through that challenging terrain solo when necessary, but we’re going to help pick you up and push you forward when you need it.  So come be part of the change. We’re waiting for you. 

Who We Are:

Ridestore are a bunch of passionate individuals who work for the customer. All of our decisions, excitement, and development goals come from the voice of the people who believe in us. It’s the only way to run a company, and it’s why we’re able to challenge the big guys with our small but mighty team. By listening and working with our customers we have created the fastest growing snow brand in Europe -> Dope Snow  & Montecwear .
We work from anywhere we feel like … anywhere that lets us experience life. Performance and execution rule. Location or hours worked are secondary.  Read more about us HERE.

Who You Are:

  • Change is your favorite constant, and you’re excited to be part of a current that keeps you lively.

  • You don’t need strict guidelines. In fact, you’re happy to go solo whenever possible, but you love to come together as a team to solve big problems.

  • You’ve never even had a comfort zone. You live to take challenges, and you’re excited to help your team do the same.

  • You don’t accept “tradition” as an answer. You’re all about deconstructing problems to get to the core of the issue first.

  • Executing projects at the highest level is your main goal, and you’re proud to do it over and over again.

  • You’re excited to be part of the entire process. We’re a small team, and we have our hands in all of it.

  • You’re an entrepreneur, consultant, or human who hates prestige and takes responsibility for your own work.

  • What’s best for you doesn’t even come up … you use customer needs to drive your decisions.

  • You know when to give open, honest feedback, especially when it’s uncomfortable.

  • You’re thrilled by creating your own role, outperforming yourself, and encouraging your teammates to do the same.

  • Passion isn’t just a word to you, it’s a lifestyle. And you lead that by example.

Ready to partner up with the best of the best from around the world? Come make something special at Ridestore.

junior product developer

Gothenburg sweden

3d garment techinician

gothenburg sweden

3d modeller/visualiser

Gothenburg sweden

quality controller

Gothenburg sweden

production manager

gothenburg sweden

fitting model, size 36-38

gothenburg sweden


Can’t find a role that matches your strengths? We’re looking for people who do things differently, so we’re letting you design your dream role. Start the conversation by sharing a role you’d love to create at Ridestore.