Janina - germany

Who are you?

I am Janina, working in the Customer Experience Team of Ridestore. I was born and raised in Germany with a hang to self-drive and self-discipline. Combined with a wild curiosity, happiness, openness to new cultures and an entrepreneurial streak from living a Digital Nomad life.


Why did you want to be a part of the team at Ridestore?

It just felt like the right match from the first moment. 
Working for Ridestore means to me: 
Working (time- and place-bound) independently for a brand with entrepreneurial spirit, people living what they do and the chance to become whatever you want if you are willing to. And on top, it complied my former working experience as well as my personal interests perfectly!


How would you describe the work environment in the team?

I love that we put the customer at the heart of everything we do. Every, single, day. But to assure that, you need a team that is happy too. And that’s what the work environment in our international team is like. 
It’s the crew. This is it. 
We care, we love, we share. And spread the good vibes all around with passion and professionality.


What's your strongest memory so far at Ridestore?

Definitely our crew meet-ups.
As working remotely also means working without your team members around you all the time it is more important than in other companies to sit together, have (market) talks, make decisions, inspire and have a good time periodically. 
And that’s what we do. Spending quality time together at different places on this beautiful planet every quarter to take customer experience to the next level. 
As simple and effective as that.