the ridestore CULTURE

This is what makes the individuals in our team high performing. If you're motivated on joining our team, you should be stoked after read our values.



If you're annoyed of something, find a solution and make it happen. Everyone at Ridestore can and need to contribute in a big way for the journey to continue. You're also personal responsible for your development, so tell us what you need in order to achieve awesomeness.


We're not afraid to tell you if an idea is bad, everyone in the team take responsibility for the Ridestore journey. We're also quick on reacting positive on a great pitch! The focus is on the idea and not on the individual, so don't be afraid that the feedback is personal. Everyone in the team is handpicked since you got potential to be awesome, so keep on striving for what you're motivated for.

first principle thinking

When looking at an project, don't check on how to improve the current function. Instead, deconstruct the crucial parts for the function to work. Think "dream scenario", how would the function work when it's as most awesome? Then, put the pieces back together again in order to accomplish dream scenario.