Content EDITOR god

Marketing is about trust and awareness. Our marketing efforts go into embracing and nursing customer power. Some might call it growth marketing, we call it true marketing.

Our marketing team consists of skilled doers. Now we will add members to our team and are looking for the best content editor we can find. You can work from anywhere in the world. As our content editor, you will serve over two million people with the best snow content.

Who are you?

You edit content that shock our instagram followers, both stills and motion. When you work time stops and your editing skills flows free.

You understand marketing and feel the vibe for @dopesnow and our snow products. At the moment you are most likely working with video and photo editing for Instagram-accounts or a youtube-channel.

 What will you be doing?

The work is about editing and curating the sickest snow content in the world. You will be doing this together with the best snow content creators, professional riders and influencers.The majority of the work will be editing this content to its perfection

You also understand that there is only so much you can do if the raw material isn't good, so your role will also be to work with all our content creators to get them to deliver the best possible content. Creating mood board, share ideas and techniques and giving feedback on shoots

What we can offer you

- Work remotely from anywhere in the world
- A career in a profitable and fast growing e-commerce company
- A company environment that let's you be yourself
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  • High-level lightroom experience

  • Video editing skills that suit perfectly for Instagram and youtube.

  • Good Photoshop skills

  • Experience with typography. Writing text that highlights the content

  • A few years of experience of creating your own content

  • Project lead abilities

A plus for basic coding skills and being a power user

 It’s all about pushing the best snow content 🎞

Content is the core of our marketing. It doesn’t matter if it’s on Instagram our webpage or in newsletters. We can’t stress enough how vital content it. If we don’t push the best daily content, it’s like playing a soccer game without the football.

Are you ready to show us your magic? Apply below