CFO to join the dream team

We’re looking for an innovative CFO who can lead Ridestore’s financial strategy. Ridestore is a tech-fashion leader, and we’re growing fast. We’re looking for creatives to join our team who want to do something about their craft.

Looking for a new challenge?

Are you always on the lookout for your next big adventure? Do thrills entice you and complex problems pump you up? Then you’re one of us. 

At Ridestore, you’re going to create your role, and we’re going to support you in that. An eCommerce snow revolution starts by forgetting everything you know and starting something fresh. We’re not going to bog you down with formalities or hierarchy. At Ridestore, you don’t have to let your passion collide with your work schedule. Here, you’re constantly on the move, but you get to plan your time your way. 

We’ll let you walk through that challenging terrain solo when necessary, but we’re going to help pick you up and push you forward when you need it.  So come be part of the change. We’re waiting for you. 

Who We Are:

Ridestore was founded over 10 years ago. We had a passion to create products and brands that people truly wanted.
The era where brands told people what they should wear or do is dead. Everyone's an expert. You know what you like and want to wear much better than the designer. So our job is to listen. A brand in this new era is there to serve and empower You. The customer. The expert. If you do that well then your brand will spread from one person to another, peer to peer. This changes everything in how you design products and create a brand. You have to truly listen to the customers, not just make them heard. You have to give them a voice and empower them.

We get things done. That has taken us close to half a billion sek in revenue and 100% year on year organic growth.
We want to own the outerwear conversation online. Our brands Dope Snow  & Montecwear . are the first brands created from listening to what You want.

We work remote from anywhere. Slack is our head quarter. Internet let talents come together and create in virtual settings. So the industrial age model where you had to apply to only local jobs, commute for 2h and come to the office and suck up the corporate hierarchy is dead.

✌️Crew: 70+
🇪🇺 Languages: 10
👍 Social Media Fans: 500k+
📈 Revenue: 30m € (2018)

Read more about us HERE.

Who You Are:

We are looking for competent, crafty ”systems thinkers” with a ”just get it done” attitude. This means that you know your stuff. You like to build and test things. You want to become the best at your craft. You care about details and quality. You can see the bigger picture and connect dots across multiple disciplines like data, design, product and brand. You never become a victim. You empower others. You get the job done. You find a way even when there is no clear way. You demonstrate courage.

  • Change is your favorite constant, and you’re excited to be part of a current that keeps you lively.

  • You’ve never even had a comfort zone. You live to take challenges, and you’re excited to help your team do the same.

  • You don’t accept “tradition” as an answer. You’re all about deconstructing problems to get to the core of the issue first.

  • Executing projects at the highest level is your main goal, and you’re proud to do it over and over again.

  • You’re excited to be part of the entire process. We’re a small team, and we have our hands in all of it.

  • You’re an entrepreneur, consultant, or human who hates prestige and takes responsibility for your own work.

  • You know when to give open, honest feedback, especially when it’s uncomfortable.

  • You’re thrilled by creating your own role, outperforming yourself, and encouraging your teammates to do the same.

  • Passion isn’t just a word to you, it’s a lifestyle. And you lead that by example.

What you will be doing:

  • Building an finance departement that will support us in our hyper-growth in any way you think is the best

  • Make us 10x more awesome at finances

  • Support the CEO and leadership with data analysis and research

  • Figure out and execute the financial planning & strategy of the company

  • Manage and develop/improve financial controls and accounting procedures

  • Forecasting

  • Coordinate and produce all tax documentation as required

  • Oversight of all legal agreements

  • Level up our insurance game

What you will have at Ridestore:

  • Extreme freedom to build the finance departement of your dreams

  • Since we’re a remote-first company, you’ll have the freedom to work from wherever in the world there’s WiFi

  • All the equipment you can possibly need to be effective, including computer, cell phone and phone plan

  • Paid gym membership (or any other healthy sports activities up to 5000SEK / year, so called “friskvårdsbidrag”)


Because you will have a lot of freedom and responsibilities in such a crucial role, we do have some additional hard requirements beyond you being a kick-ass person

  • 5+ years experience in a senior financial managerial position

  • Since Ridestore is registered in Sweden, you’ll need to have sufficient knowledge of the Swedish Tax system

  • Proven experience from working with products sold on multiple markets across the world

  • In depth knowledge of corporate financial law and risk management practices

  • Excellent knowledge of data analysis and forecasting methods

Ready to partner up with the best of the best from around the world? Come make something special at Ridestore.