Total TRANSPARENCY in what we do

You probably noticed, working at Ridestore is not an ordinary job. Work where you want, enjoy an awesome weekend across Europe with colleagues, be the master of your schedule ... All of this could not be possible if everyone wouldn’t be so stoked about our company. It’s necessary that we act in perfect transparency towards each other to be able to achieve this. We are trying to be 100% transparent each day.

Ridestore crew - core values

A transparent organization

We are living at all corners of Europe (sometimes, all around the world), most of the time we are only connected via Slack (our digital office) - although I have to confess that we connect via Instagram as well. It is super important, that everyone is happy to start her/his shift and that we organize ourselves so that we know who is available, who is not. It can always happen, that you have struggles to find a good connection, but it’s essential to let your coworkers know about it.

Personal story: I went for a rally in the Sahara desert last February. Imagine my face when I realized that my phone didn’t catch any data there. And I actually thought that I will be able to work there every day!

To be in line with what we want

People are recruited for their ideas, not to impose ours on them - that is the foundation of this philosophy for me. We all seek to grow Ridestore, and this must remain our only goal. Transparency is accepting to tell a newcomer that we need him, his skills, his motivation to go even further. If not, why recruit someone else?

On the other hand, it is also important to let people know what you want. It’s not pretentious to express your ambitions if you are working hard to reach them. Why should you hide them from your colleagues?

Transparency is sometimes difficult

We all do that: when something does not suit us at work, either we get angry, or we internalize (and we get angry inside). At Ridestore, we prefer to burst the abscess before its formation. For each project, anyone has the opportunity to be aware of it and give their opinion on the direction it takes, whether they are leaders or in the crew. The idea is to be able to spot anything that could be wrong internally before showing it to the world. If one of our employees who knows the subject doesn’t understand our actions, it’s likely that we have something to improve.

On the other hand, relationships with colleagues are much better when things are said and everyone has the opportunity to express themselves. We were all angry with a colleague after working on a project with him, but this situation could have been avoid if the cannonball had been released earlier!

Put away your ego!
Next time something does not suit you think of all that it could bring you to handle the situation differently :)

/David, onboard since July 2017 (with the support of Max)