Our Responsability

At Ridestore, we don’t have a rigid hierarchy like most of the other companies. It can sometimes be confusing, especially at the beginning! It’s necessary for all of us to be able to take responsibility for making things as good as possible.

Take responsability

Nobody tells you what to do

Having a flat hierarchy also means "no one to give you orders". Although we are all hired for a particular mission (marketing, customer experience, production, ...), we spend most of our time in autonomy. We are the master of our own schedules, our tasks, and especially the importance we attach to each project. It’s mandatory to take our responsibilities to be able to serve the shop as good as possible.
Even more fun, no one is here to tell you what you mustn’t do! In this "employee friendly" context, you are responsible of your actions within the company. You must never forget that you are speaking on behalf of Ridestore when you’re working, but also in your personal life.

This is for the best

Why is it so important? We are all super different within the company and this diversity really is our strength. Because of our stories, we do not prioritize the same things. For some people, the form will be more important - for others, the sens will take over. By allowing everyone to take responsibility, we made the choice to not leave anything aside. Any member of the crew has the opportunity to improve their skills or aspirations to take us where we would never have gone without him/her. It’s the singularity of each member which allows us to grow and become, day after day, even better.
If you believe in your project, or if you think you can improve something, no one at Ridestore will stop you from getting involved. It's also because we know that it's frustrating for a motivated employee to not be able to achieve what’s made him want to get up every morning.

Deconstruct to build higher

It’s also good to know how to take a step back and accept your mistakes. Although the environment has a role in failures, it is important to take responsibility and try to understand your mistakes without blaming a client, a service or a colleague. The best example for me is the delivery of our products. Sometimes the delivery of a product takes longer than expected. This may be due to poor order management from us, or direct delivery services. Nevertheless, it is important to focus on this kind of error. If a package does not arrive on time, we are responsible. It is therefore our duty to ensure that the customer concerned is satisfied with the service obtained despite these delays, no matter where this error comes from.

Taking responsibility is especially thinking of the good of the company. When a project interests us, we often tend to put blinders on and don’t take outside advice into consideration. We must therefore accept the opinions of our collaborators or accept that the project was not so “good" and that we must stop fighting after getting bad returns.

/David, Onboard since July 2017 (With Max support)