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Easy as pie

So.. I am a 24-year-old bilangual student originally from Helsinki, Finland. Since four years back I am living in southern Sweden due to studies. I love traveling, socialising with friends, occasional snowboarding and tend to dance a lot when realeased on a dance floor. When not doing something of the above I am most likely working or studying – which both I enjoy.

What did you study?

I am a full time student at the moment. I have a Bachelor in Criminology and am currently working on my Master of Laws (LLM). 

What did you do before working remotely? [Did you have a standard job? …]

I had a standard job as a sales advisor in a larger clothing store and different internships in my teens. 

How long have you been working as a remote crew member?

I have been working remotely with projects since about four years back. I started off doing translations for a small startup web shop. I started working at my current job in sales 1,5 years ago and took another marketing job 6 months ago. I also went full remote when accepting the second job.

How did you reach the mark?

All of my remote jobs have came more or less as random opportunities. My first remote job I got at a student party. A guy heard about a Finnish girl at the party, and asked me if I wanted to do some translations for his company. Why not, I thought. My current remote job in sales came across as an ad on Facebook. They were looking for someone who speaks Finnish and Swedish with experience in customer service and translations. Great targeting I would say! 

The other job I am currently working at job came across some what identically to the first one – a friend heard from a friend that I speak Finnish and offered me a job. So it happened I also had experience from working remotely and to work with marketing and translations. 

What are you currently working on? 

I am working at two different companies today. I am working with customer experience and translations at Ridestore I have quite varied ativities, I do everything from customer service online to assisting with the implementing of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

How are you managing your relationship with colleagues/manager?

I have a quite close relationship with my colleagues. We meet up in real life about 4 times a year and other than that we discuss in different online channels almost daily. We also regulary have video chats both about work and just for fun. We use a bot to match us with co-workers for video chats to keep up the connection and to get to know new employees. I like it! 

How Ridestore is managing remote workers?

I am working as a freelancer/consult. The company puts a lot of effort to make us feel involved and to create an atmosphere as if we were at the office. We do both work-related an out of work activities together. I really appreaciate the chance to be involved here even when working as a freelancer. A lot of help and support is always provided if needed in all phases of every task. 

How are your organizing your days? 

My days are hectic. I think it goes without saying that studying a double degree and having two jobs demands some organizing. Since I am at towards the end of my studies I have flexible schedules, which is the key to managing everything in my case. Most of my work is flexible and leaves space to puzzle it around.

I have some scheduled hours at the customer experience work, that I get to choose a few weeks ahead. My other work is project based which means I have small projects every week with deadline on Monday. I usually focus on studying during weekdays at ”office hours”, and leave all the work for evenings and weekends. 

High season demands planning by the hour & 7 days a week, but low season which in my case is the summer, leaves a lot of free time (believe it or not). There are more hours in the week than you think! 

Which tools are you using every day? 

Calendar and laptop are my two most important tools. I have everything in my calendar on my computer and my computer follows me just about everywhere.

What kinds of projects did you already achieved?

I work with customer service, marketing within Adwords and am currently assisting on a GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) update. 

Do you miss something about “standard” ways of working? 

The only downside I think, is that I tend to work from from home during high season when I have a lot on my plate. When working a lot from home, there’s a risk that your home becomes a somewhat stressful environment and you associate it with work. 


The best part of working remotely...

... is the flexibility and the opportunities to travel

During the low season especially I really try to vary where I work from and due to the remote work your possibilites are endless as long as you can finns internet connection. 

Before working remotely I was worried about the social security when working remotely as a freelancer. It’s a new and quite unstructred area, and as a Law student i found this a bit worrying. I did some research and found a service directed to freelancers (Frilans Finans) to be really useful in this matter. By using the service I can easily create invoices with their template knowing everything is being done correctly with social fees and registered and sent correctly to the tax authoroties. They also provide social security in case I get injured or sick by covering the employers responsibilities.

What could not change in your life now that you are a Digital Nomad?

My schedule requires flexibility. Everything I do is possible because everything is working on a flexible schedule. My biggest obstacle for doing everything is if something I do would suddently require set schedules or a set place. 

What is the best by working remotely ?

The best part of working remotely is the flexibility and the opportunities to travel. I am a person who wants to do everything and all the same time. I want to study and work without missing all the fun stuff - like traveling. Working remotely gives me the chance to do everything.

I have a lot on my weekly ”to do” list and flexibility is essential to make it possible for me to have some free time after everthing is checked off. I save a lot of hours and energy by not having to wake up early, put my make-up on and commute to work. Also having the possibility to anytime do a few hours of  my work, anywhere in the world is pretty amazing and gives a lot of opportunities to travel. 

There’s a saying that when you’re young you don’t have the money to travel, when your working you don’t have the time and when you’re old you don’t have the energy for it. By working remotely you I found myself defeating this equation. I get to travel with work and also have the possibility to do travels by myself. This is something I find as the biggest pro in this lifestyle. An other big plus is the chance to connect worldwide. I have colleagues and friends all around Europe and even in Russia due to the digital nomad lifestyle. I find this truly unique and I something I value a lot. I am quite outgoing and love traveling (oh did i maybe mention that already) and meeting new people. I could not think of another way to work at my current situation.