Ridestore made me overstep boundaries

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Always improve yourself

This may sound a little cheesy (vegan cheese of course!), but when I first started working at Ridestore, I did approach things differently, probably worse then I do now. I want to share the process of me overstepping boundaries to develop myself!

How it started out for me

I joined the Ridestore Crew in November 2017. It all went quite fast from Lukas asking me if I was still interested in the job I applied for and luckily I said yes. Many different accounts in many different programs and applications were set up for me and before I was knowing all the names to my new coworkers, I was handling my first shift in the German Customer Experience team all by myself. Since I’m more of a careful and overthinking person, I was surprised to hear me saying yes to being thrown in the cold water with this. Even more surprised I was, when everything worked out great - big shoutout to Janina and Jeppe for an awesome training period and the backup in the first weeks. This rather quick start made me naturally take responsibility for my own decisions and feel comfortable with solving challenges - especially because of the great backup and the trust I received from my new coworkers.

Getting to know the family

It was a great feeling, to get a work related routine and to really get to know everyone.  The Customer Experience Crew at Ridestore works remotely, wich was new to me. I got to know my new coworkers through Slack, the digital office Application we use. I was overwhelmed with the warm and family like environment that was built there. Since we work remotely, we have meet-ups four times a year on which we connect with each other and hold workshops to be even more awesome.  My first meet-up took place one month after I was enrolled and the whole team was coming together in Gothenburg, Sweden where one of the two swedish offices is located. I was the only person traveling there from Munich, so I took the flight alone. We had rooms booked in a hotel located in central Gothenburg and when I walked there from the bus station, I first walked by it. I was looking around for street signs and at the map on my phone, when I noticed three guys working on their computers in a big window front. Turned out it was the right hotel and those where the guys that I have seen on my computer screen quite often before. When walking in and saying hi to them, the rather formal German part in me was very overwhelmed with all the love and kindness they were expressing. That feeling carried on when meeting all the others for the first time and I’m very proud for working with such a great team.

Being trusted with more responsibility


I am very close to nature.

Regardless of winter or summer, you most definitely will find me near the mountains. I would describe myself as humble and kind. If you are kind to animals, I will most probably like you!

At Ridestore, you are free to develop your own role. The freedom you gain through this is undoubtedly awesome.
I have my foundation in the Customer Experience, but since all our markets are exploding right now, we have multiple projects going on to prepare for our high season which takes place in the winter. If you are stoked for something, you are free to contribute, which in my opinion is just great to develop new skills and to find your way in the company. It’s very comforting to know that you are trusted with all you do at Ridestore and that you get honest feedback. My impression of an e-commerce company before Ridestore was very different from what I am experiencing here. It’s not all about your results (even though they of course play a big role), it’s more about how much effort you make and the human being you are. The people that work here are very talented at spotting talents in other people and to promote those together. It’s just the perfect work environment to improve my own skill set, get to know the most awesome people and to contribute to something that will be bigger than any of us can foresee.

How I benefit from working at Ridestore

As I mentioned in the beginning, I have become a more structured person and I developed a way bigger hunger for (personal) improvement in just the 7 months I have been working for this kick ass company. This makes me benefit in my private life as well as in work relations.
I achieved this mostly through reflecting on my behaviour and by feedback from my coworkers, which I got way better with taking in and adapting to.

I am genuinely thankful for all the new friends I have made at Ridestore and am looking forward to the awesomeness that is still to come!

/Max, onboard since November 2017