10 points of significance in Healthy Company Culture for Ridestore

Although we are all passionate about snow sports, it’s clear to see that this passion doesn't make us unique in this industry and many other companies in our line of business are just as passionate about snowsports. Over time, we have built a business that has shaped our identity. It’s important to take good care of your customers, but it’s equally important to have happy employees!                       

ridestore crew

1 - Model change at the top.                       

The classic organizational system of companies is far too pyramidal for our taste. Although it has proven itself over time, it shows its limits in the digital age. Our employees no longer want to live the nine to five life. Each of them has invaluable skills to contribute to our company. A member of the customer experience team could also have an excellent knowledge of graphic design and could become a real asset to our online store for example. Our new business model allows each of our employees to challenge decisions, no matter the setting. This allows the company to thrive on everything from our primary business or schedule.

2 - Embrace and inspire employee autonomy.  

In our new venture, we are trying to expel all borders allowing our members to flourish. To give free rein to creativity for all, we allow autonomy to each of our members. When we hire a new teammate, we do not prepare a specific job description. We have the primary need and we are looking for and the talent that can organize themselves to achieve this while developing the skills to achieve this. For example, the development of our Instagram page;  the extensive goal is that our new members can achieve goals in just the way she or he likes to work while respecting our values (job opportunity here).                

3 - Employee Work-Life Balance Support.

Giving autonomy allows everyone to organize their life as they see fit. At Ridestore, we do not have timekeepers controlling our arrival and departure times; we work in the way and where we want to. The most important thing is that the work gets done. It does not matter if one of our employees studies on the side and works only during the night/weekend or that a traveler completes his tasks in the middle of the jungle or that a parent should take a break from working to take his child to the doctor.

4 - Make employees Happy.  

 ©️Aurore Slarko

 ©️Aurore Slarko

To help our employees thrive, we do our best to make them as happy as possible.
Why should work be a chore when you can make it fun? By caring about their well-being, our employees are even more motivated and also fully involved in what they do. This is what we call a win-win strategy ;)               

5 - Avoid the "growth above all" mindset.       

Yes, we are a business. We want to make money and grow as quickly as possible. Nevertheless, we believe that growth alone is not the ultimate goal. Like all new businesses, we see money as a tool to promote our values around the world. By focusing only on growth (and being stingy), we could lose what is most important to us, the satisfaction of each of our customers. We don't want to forsake the quality of our products for a better return on investment. We see the bigger picture. Although we can’t complain about our development, we prefer to ensure safety and longevity to ensure the sustainability of the jobs that we have created and the wellbeing of our brands.

6 - Keep goals clear and focused.

We have already broached this topic in our article "Total Transparency in what we do." Most new companies tend not to prioritize these facets. We all work together for the same purpose; "Offer the best shopping experience possible."

Customer Experience is no less valuable than marketing; media relations will never take precedence over the design of our products, logistics are just as necessary as production. Take the example of a typical standard business - customer experience is often considered the last rung of the ladder, the one that more and more people replace with less efficient robots and fall behind marketing in order of priority.

However, we ask ourselves what we believe to be the right questions, how can the marketing department work effectively and adapt each of its actions to its customers if it doesn't communicate with them? At Ridestore, customer experience is at the center of our business. It allows us to take note of our customer experiences and integrate them into our strategy. Whether it's the design of our new ski jackets, the delivery service, or the influencers we work with. The opinion of our customers is essential, and we ensure we put them to good use.

7 - Culture at the heart of the brand

Although our values are well anchored in our company, our corporate culture is alive and evolving. Our amazing employees take ownership of it and transform it every day through their interaction. Corporate culture is often considered a bad thing by a large number of entrepreneurs because employees don't take ownership of it. The fruits of our labour are demonstrated in our progress and in our staff shining even brighter when they are allowed to flourish.  It's also (and most importantly) the best way to keep them from going astray - this culture continually brings us back to what we are and prevents us from becoming just another business.

Through our organized meetings, our means and ways of communicating, the values we defend, we can make all our employees proud of what we do. It protects what we are. In 10 years, when our brilliant students create an incredible company, the culture we have shaped will come to life through each of their actions.

8 - Make it Fun to Go to Work.

Fun to work

It's funny and weird to use the expression “we're going to work” when most of us are never in the Ridestore office.

Although we are not obligated to do so, we know that fantastic things happen when people on the same team meet up with each other. In order not to deprive ourselves of this joy, we organize Meet-ups four times a year. These are meetings between all members of a team (or sometimes, all members of the company) where we work together on common issues. From the design of our package to our website through the review of our internal communication methods, we deconstruct everything to keep only the essentials. It's also an excellent time to get to know each other better, to create links, and of course, to party! These moments are always memorable. We have made the moments between colleagues for the company exceptional and invaluable, unlike what we are used to seeing elsewhere!

9 - Recognize and reward valuable contributions.

It's essential for our team members to be proud of what they have accomplished. Whether it's a welcome gift, a great piece of season's clothing or merely a compliment, we strive to recognize what work gets done. By giving regular feedback, we enable our employees to improve while creating a relationship of respect with them - as equals.

10 - Looking at the bigger picture.

It’s impossible to develop without taking risks. Unlike all these cautious companies, we prefer to control the risk rather than block it behind infernal procedures. If a member seems to have a new idea to develop our business? Why should we ask them for results before trying? Instead, let's take a "small risk" to test their ideas and be able to learn from his failures or success! We show our employees that we believe in them and they allow us to try new things across the web

Tips - Bottom Line: Be Human.

We could keep this list going forever, but we think you got the point. It’s simple: we care about the members of the company in the same way that they care for the company. That is with respect. Finally, the secret of corporate culture is not to think about how to implement something; it is to be human enough to see potential and opportunity and allow it to let the company shine :)

/David, onboard since July 2017 (With support from Max and Angelica)