From Customer Experience to Marketing. My Journey.

Work from everywhere - Marketing

Considering a new career but no idea how to start?

Well, here is my story. I hope I can help you a little with finding your way.

My Background

I studied Communication Science, European Ethnology & Spanish to build a good basis for a future career I didn’t know about yet. Back then, I gained useful basic knowledge in many fields that would have allowed me to work in many areas: From public relations, marketing, advertising to a wide range of business topics as well as many other branches of the media or even museums, publishing houses and cultural agencies. But to be honest: I quickly realized that I was pretty indecisive in finding my “specific” field.

So..what’s next?

After some internships and during my first job as Communications Manager, I gained deeper practical knowledge with diverse customer experience & marketing topics. That ranged from the organization and realization of community projects, omnichannel customer support, the writing of articles to the creation of marketing strategies for social media channels as well as the relationship building with influencers and key opinion leaders. And at some point I realized that my former my studies and my jobs merged quite well and that I truly liked what I did. Thinking social, being creative. Evolving relationships. With media, customers, influencers…

Living la vida loca

And yet, my curiosity and openness to new cultures made me overthink my current work life and I decided to give up my 9-to-5 job for becoming a Digital Nomad in order to be able to live a life of travelling. To be fair, I was quite lucky with finding pretty soon a job as remote worker in the Customer Experience team at Ridestore. And to become part of a great company with self-driven people who love what they do and whose whole mindset is built around the customer at the center.
The goal at Ridestore is not only to sell products but to meet customer expectations and delivering personal experiences throughout all working fields and with all the existing potential within the company.

I might be a Multipotentialite and love it!

And that’s why and when I found myself working with the marketing team after some months as well.
When I saw the opportunity to give valid input to an open project at the company regarding the marketing of Ridestore I took my chance and combined my former knowledge in this field as well as my knowledge regarding customer care and put it together. And I noted on thing: I don’t need to decide for one working field but can use my potential to work for me and to give my best regarding my knowledge, not my “job title” within Ridestore.
To put the customer at the center and focus on improving the customer experience through knowing the customers well enough to deliver relevant offers and personalized experiences with the Marketing Team.

Time to make your own story

For now, this combination of working within the Customer Experience Crew and with the Marketing Team feels like a perfect balance to me. This may change again. And again. But I know that I will grow with more knowledge.


So here is my tip: If you are searching for a new “position” in your work life don’t stick too much on titles but rather on your knowledge and your interests even though it sounds like a cliché. And you will find the right job for you. But with more fun and more productivity.
And who knows, maybe in the end will be a job title being created around you, not the other way around.

/ Janina, teammate since July 2017