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I’m Emmie, a 25-year-old law student from Finland living in the south of Sweden. For me, life is about being down to earth and worry free. I try to let go of first world problems in my way of thinking and instead, being grateful and centered. I live a plant based lifestyle together with my boyfriend and try to be as minimalist and frugal as possible. I miss my family back in Finland a lot, and for me, family and friends are what life is all about in the end. 

What did you study?

I’m studying law, currently working on my bachelor’s thesis. My studies take up a lot of time and are hard, but I wouldn’t change it for the world

What did you do before working remotely? 

I worked a lot before I started my studies and had a lot of “9 to 5” kind of jobs. When I moved to Sweden to study I decided that I wasn’t going to have a job on the side, since it would take up too much time, until I found Ridestore

How long have you been working as a remote crew member?

Since march 2017!

How did you reach the mark? 

I actually had a friend at university who introduced me to this job. She knew I could speak Finnish and asked if I wanted to apply. For me, it was really “a random opportunity”, but I couldn’t be happier about taking it and applying for this job. I feel as if I’m the black sheep in the crew in the sense that I’m the only one who had no idea what Ridestore was until I applied, whereas many crewmembers loved Ridestore and Dope before they applied. 

What are you currently working on? 

Most of my time goes to my studies, so for now, Ridestore is my only job on the side. I also spend a lot of my spare time training and cooking. 

How are you managing your relationship with colleagues/manager?

At Ridestore we try to have a “flat” hierarchy, which means that we don’t focus on titles like “boss” or “underling”. Our team is like a family, and we keep contact every week through our chats and channels. We meet up four times a year and I really feel that I know everyone. So there’s really not much “managing”, we are all honest and try to keep it true and real with one another. I’d still say we have a boss-like figure, who is more like a big brother who keeps an eye on everything. 

How Ridestore are managing remote workers?

The company is mainly based around remote workers. We have a stationary team, and a remote team and we are treated so well. We get to travel to meet up every quarter, and the company really values us and our efforts. 

How are your organizing your days?

I try to stick to a schedule because of my studies, so my days aren’t as free as they would be if I only worked. I work and study simultaneously and try to end the day in the afternoon, when it’s time for training, relaxing and spending time with my boyfriend. I never study on the weekends (they are reserved for the good life) but I don’t mind working a few hours. I’m most effective in the mornings so I try to do the most important things before lunch. 

Which tools are you using every day? 

Other than the tools that are specifically meant for my job, I mostly spend my time in Word (Microsoft Office). I try be organized and having a very traditional pen-and-paper to-do list works wonders for me. I try to keep it simple, so I don’t use any state of the art super apps or tools.  

What kinds of projects did you already achieved?

I had the honor to work on an intranet for our team, which I really enjoy. I have a natural sense of organizing things and it felt as though this was a good fit for me. It’s a work in progress and I’m still looking for the perfect tool.

Do you miss something about “standard” ways of working? 

Not really. Since I study, this is only part time for me. However, if it wasn’t, I’m pretty sure I’d still be scheduling my days quite the same as I do now. I work best if I’m organized and have a plan for the day, and that doesn’t change even if I have the opportunity to work whenever I want. What I want is still a creative and effective morning, a slightly slower afternoon and the night off. 

What could not change in your life now that you are a Digital Nomad?

I really hope that I’ll never have to have a job that is so rigid that I can’t travel or take a spontaneous day off. Even though I usually start my day at 8, and end it at 16, I want to decide what I do in between, and when. If I feel like scheduling a morning coffee with a friend at a Tuesday at 10, I want to have that opportunity to do so. In other words, I never want to let go of the flexibility of this lifestyle. 

What is the best by working remotely?

The best thing is that I am free to travel, be at home, sit at school or my favorite café. I am not bound to a certain space and I don’t have to take the train or bus to get to work. If I have a bad day I can sit in my PJs with a huge cup of coffee and work from home.

The second best thing I probably multitasking. I can work and study at the same time, I can do laundry and work from home (not so fun, but practical), and I can visit my family at home and take work with me.