Breaking the chains of traditional work


Who controls your life?

Are you stuck at a well-decorated circus office with ping pong tables? Is your manager not letting you decide on when, how, and where to work?

99% of all companies still operate like this. It's a controlled corporate behavior that goes like this, "we like to give you a feeling of trust. But...we don't actually trust you."

It's no surprise that the majority of employees in the Western world don’t feel satisfied with their work. It's the leftovers of the industrial way of controlling people. The difference is that now it falls into management methods and agile kindergarten training. We call it bullshit!


Making your employees work at the same place at the same time is only limiting their performance. Why? Because companies are still downgrading people’s lifestyles by making them work the old way.

You cannot motivate a person; motivation comes from the inside. The only thing you can do is level up the external circumstances for the person’s own motivation. Throwing in clowns at the office or the best management consultants will never give people what they want, which is the freedom to be themselves, to be self-managed and to be constantly developing. It's built into human nature. Mandatory meetings are not.


This will change the way we work

“To create something great you need great people. Great people work hard and don't won't be locked in at an office from 9 to 5. These are the people we want to build Ridestore with.”

This will change the way we work.

A company is just a group of people trying to create outputs. To create something good, you need good people. To create something great, you need great people. Great people work both hard and smart because they don't won't to be locked in at an office from 9 to 5. These are the people we want to build Ridestore with.

But where are the best coders hiding? Where are the growth hackers that create social empires from their phones? The content creators that can knock down advertising agencies?

You can't find them all at some fancy office in New York or Stockholm. You might find one or two there, but there’s no chance of building a future killer company from the same place in 2019. You’ll find great worldwide.

This is how we do it at Ridestore. We use a powerful remote model where we identify the greatest people for the projects we need help with. Then we go straight at them! We don't care where they live or what hours they’re working. What we want is their focus and energy to create great things together with us regardless of how they do it. At the moment, we are over 70 hard-working and freedom-minded souls who work from all over the world.

Improvements made by working remotely.

The majority of our communication is asynchronous, meaning we don't expect our colleagues to answer right away. This helps us focus much better since we can prioritize what's most important for us and we can decide on when to address other issues. Asynchronous communication gives us the time to formulate our thoughts and ideas before collaborating. Less communication becomes more powerful. Working in teams like this takes practice, but once you get the hang of it, you will notice a significant improvement in both productivity and collaboration.

The remote model gives us access to the world’s recruiting pool. For specializing, it's not hard to find the best editors, copywriters, and 3D designers. Since many starts as consultants, we can skip time-consuming hiring processes and instead start creating stuff together right away.

"We don't get to know a person by interviewing them; we get to know a person by doing stuff with them."

The remote model has also improved our collective spirit. We don't work next to each other, but we are still experiencing a close connection. Sure, there are things the digital world never can replace, like reading certain body language and sharing real-life experiences. But these things are actually not that important when creating digital magic together. We can always design our working days based on social experiences outside of work.  

You only have so much time in your life. Having the freedom of attending meaningful events or enjoying the perfect powder lines gives you so much more than crazy titles and an insane salary. The possibility to decide how you manage your time is the real game changer.

What type of personality is best suited for Ridestore?

We are good at getting stuff done by solving problems. The goal is to test a thesis with the idea that we don't have any answers, but we know how to get them. Each new encounter is a blank page, and we don't accept "tradition" as an answer.

We love to deconstruct problems to get to the core of the issue and start rebuilding. Therefore, embracing change is a crucial aspect of working at Ridestore. Change is easier to commit to if you are less emotionally attached to the things you want to solve. We don't get stuck on prestige or a hierarchical way of working. The best ideas should win, and it's the individual's responsibility to prove that they have the best idea—data triumphs over personal feelings.

To solve problems efficiently, you need to live by honesty and curiosity. Not being honest means you limit your beliefs and performance. Not being curious means you lack the will to solve problems and you prefer to follow instructions. Instead, you should get the job done your way even when there is no clear way. By doing this, you demonstrate courage and fearlessness. If we can align with this and perform at a high level, we can decide when, where, and how we work. Demanding otherwise only stops our personal growth and performance.

Freedom comes with responsibility and if we all work hard and smart then we can play hard!


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