How we want to work with environmental issues

Talk is cheap and actions are sometimes hard to archive but totally worth the costs.

As a company that produces and sells clothing, we carry a lot of responsibility when it comes to environmental issues. We like this planet and what it can offer us. Mountains to hike and ski on, oceans and beaches to surf and relax, as well as cities to explore and cultures to learn about.
Due to our picky recruiting, we all share the mindset of carefully thinking about what consequences our actions have. Not only on our social or work environment but also on our beloved blue planet. Right now we are a rowboat compared to the big flagships like Patagonia. The environmental topic was not in the right focus for quite some while as there were other issues to deal with but we are already taking actions right now, and there is more to come!

Actions we take right now

It’s not easy to find our way in this forest we’re eager to save. Some people will love it, and some will criticize us for it. As long as we base our actions on facts and as long as we believe in them and act accordingly, we think that we’re on a good way.

Making our products durable!

Buying a new snow jacket each and every season and throwing the old one out just does not make a lot of sense from an environmental point of view. The problem we have experienced with super eco-friendly materials and coatings is that they might have a very small impact on the chemical side but that they are not very durable. Our choice of finding our way around that problem is to choose materials that are eco-friendly but also durable. Compared to each other in means of production, our choice might have more impact on mother nature, but it wins the race in the long run, since it will not be worn out after one season but will last for quite many years. For example, we use a DWR (Durable Water Repellent) coating for our jackets and pants without fluorocarbons which take 3000 years to decompose.
This also connects to the next point and to our future plan of setting up a Ridestore inhouse repair center - read more in our future actions!

We ask our customers for help.

Whenever we have a claim (and we don’t have a lot of them), we try to solve it in the best way possible for now as we don’t have a repair center yet. Instead of asking our customers to send the broken product back, we ask them to recycle the product right in the city or village they live in. This way we save the shipping and give the fabrics a chance to be converted in something awesome in their second life. Given the fact that they behaved in their first life and collected enough karma points that way!

We 3D animate our clothes and have almost no bad selling leftovers!

Instead of ordering sample after sample after sample from the factory, we have some true ninjas in our production team that animate the new collections in 3D! This way we save not only time but only a lot of waste and shipping impacts - classic win for each and every party.
We also work closely together the factories we chose to partner with after a lot of research. Not only do we stress our goal of using environmentally friendly and highest quality fabrics, we make suggestions and work together on where the factory buyers can find those garments.

We are always keeping in mind who we are producing clothes for. Working together with the community for us means making polls and actually asking our customers directly what styles they fancy so we can offer exactly what the crowd is asking for - this way we avoid leftovers that won’t sell well and end up unloved in some corner.

Actions we will be taking in the near future 

We are eager to achieve the best in everything we do, so we plan on some major improvements to make the customers, mother nature and us happy with what we are doing :)

Ridestore repair center.

What other companies already have set up is still on our to-do list - a repair center for broken seams and all other claims we get. We want to offer our customers an easy repair solution, pulled off by professionals that renew their clothes. Rather fix what you have instead of throwing it out the window and spending lots of money on something new. We gladly take the shipping effort to make sure to produce as little waste as possible.

Ridestore Repair Center

Improving the packaging!

Right now we are using recycled plastic bags to ship our products to the customers. That’s not the best solution so we are on the hunt for better delivery solutions. There are quite some options but also quite some difficulties. We tried a lot but we’re still not perfectly happy with what we found. Maybe you have an idea? Approach us at if you have made a good experience with the packaging of an online shop before and we will gladly look into it :)

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