Meetup - San Sebastian

An inside peek into a meetup of the remote Customer Experience team!

Ridestore Team

For most people, getting to see their co-workers is something regular and not anything special - they see their coworkers 5 times a week.

For the Customer Experience Team at Ridestore it’s not. We see each other 3-4 times a year.

Face to Face is irreplaceable

Since all members of the Customer Experience team work remotely that also means that everyone of the team lives all around the world: In different countries, diverse environments and time-zones. Of course, we virtually work side by side on a daily basis. We chat all day via slack, help each other troubleshoot and share our experiences with customers. But, even if slack, skype or any virtual meetings have their legitimate benefits, there's no way to replicate the value of meeting as a team face-to-face every now and then. And that’s what we at Ridestore are doing. We have made these meetups a regular occurrence for the Remote Costumer Experience Crew.

In March, the team came together for its Spring/Summer meetup 2018 in San Sebastián to work on taking the customer experience at Ridestore to the next level.

What is a Ridestore Meetup like?

Organizing a successful team meetup isn’t easy. It involves effort to make the most of the time together, meet the expectations of the whole team and to find the right balance between work and social time.

But if you go through with it, it is a rewarding and favorable experience for the whole team.

And that goes exactly for the last meetup in San Sebastián.

There is nothing more exciting like getting on the airplane on your way to a location, knowing that all your co-workers are heading there as well. As soon as we saw each other, it was warm big hugs all around. Because we are the crew. No further explanation needed.

And everyone is just awesome, warm and so different with its own strengths that it’s always amazing to watch us bring all these skills together for a bigger target.

This time in San Sebastián we created Ridestore’s core values all together, had essential talks about community growth, customer engagement and new ideas for bringing the customer experience at Ridestore to the very next level. But also went for fun activities, cooked together and celebrated several birthdays - just to name a few things.


Work. Yet no work

Sounds like a lot of things to do? It is. Work. And yet no work at all.

Usually by the end of the week everyone is so ready to go home and at the same time so not ready for leaving the teammates, because the time you spend in person is even more meaningful when it’s part of remote work.

But if it wouldn’t be like this we would probably not be the Costumer Experience Crew at Ridestore.  As remote and productive as we are.

And until we meet again, it’s back to slack, emojis overload and stunning pics from everyone all around the world.


/ Janina, teammate at Ridestore since 2017

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