Meet Marte - Our operational Legend


We caught up with the operational legend here at Ridestore, Marte.

We caught up with Marte and got to know her a little better, found out about her passions, why she loves working at Ridestore and the thing that unites us all. . . the snow. Marte is a nature-loving, adventurous Norwegian through and through, loving mum and wife and a valued team member at Ridestore HQ.


Who are you?

Well, I’m Marte. I’m 33 years old, a Norwegian nature-lover living in the countryside of the Swedish west coast with my family. I’m a structured messy-head. I’m also a winter-enthusiast and a (hibernating) snowboarder.

What are you doing at Ridestore?

That’s a good question. I started working here as an assistant in the purchasing department. If you think of the customer experience team as being in front of Ridestore, I’m way in the back, making sure all products that we sell have an article number and the correct information in our systems. I think that’s the core of what I do, though there is a lot more planning around every season and the purchasing process. I’m working with almost all of our departments in some way, and I have a lot of contact with all of our suppliers and delivery partners.

For a long time I’ve described what I do as being a spider in a web, but lately, I’ve come up with another and much more nice description: I’m holding the balloons. There are so many talented and dedicated persons working at Ridestore, and my little piece in the puzzle is to make sure all the products get in where they’re supposed - so they can go out again to our awesome customers.

Was the remote team already as well established as it is now when you began at Ridestore?

Nope, when I started at Ridestore, we were all located at the same place, so there’s been a huge change in that way.

How are you managing your relationship with them? (how do you use to communicate?

As we have Slack, that is kind of our digital office, I find it quite easy to communicate and also to connect with the remote team. As the team consists of highly dedicated and energetic people, It’s almost impossible not to be part of the remote culture - even if you work at the office. I’ve been thinking a lot about it in the past days, and I think it’s kind of like family. I don’t live near mine, so we have (as many families do nowadays) a group chat where we communicate on a daily basis. Slack is almost like that, and we have social channels where we can keep up with all that we do in the different parts of the world. We also have digital doughnuts, that is a tool set up to have “a cup of coffee” over video-chat. Every two weeks we’re paired up with a different member of the crew, and you get the chance to have a talk that doesn’t necessarily needs to be about work. Of course, you can do this more than every two weeks, but in a hectic workday, it’s nice to get that reminder to have a short break and just talk.  

Is the remote team a hidden part of the company?

There’s definitely not a hidden part of the company! I talk to someone from the remote team almost every day in some way, often answering questions about products or deliveries - but also working on smaller projects or just having a chat.

What are the advantage and disadvantages?

The advantage is that we get the best persons - regardless of location - as coworkers. I’m not sure there are any inconveniences, except the fact that we don’t see each other on a daily basis. If someone in the remote team is having a hard time, it might be difficult for us to notice like we would if we saw each other every day. But as we have a very open culture at Ridestore I think everyone feels that it’s just to let everyone know how you’re doing, and you will be showered in love from all of your colleagues.

What does the remote worker team bring to Ridestore?

The remote team brings an amazing energy and knowledge of the different markets and a lot of positivity and hunger. I think we all benefit from the combination of different people working together with people you would probably never meet if everyone was supposed to be sitting in the same office every day.

In your opinion, why is it working well?

Mostly I think it’s because we have great digital tools that make working together across the countries so easy, but all in all, it’s the greatness of the people that make it work.

Are you jealous of their meetup?

Haha, yeah, a little bit! But you know, I’m a people’s person, and I love to be “where it happens”, so for me (personally) it’s mostly about meeting the crew. On the other hand, I know that we who work at the office kind of have meet-ups every day, so I really think it’s great that the remote crew get to meet up a few times per year. But I’m always extra happy when the meet-ups are in Sweden, so I’ll get to tag along a bit, as it’s so rewarding and gives such great energy to us all.

Could you see yourself being part of the remote team?

Actually, I kind of think that I already do. I know I’m not, to a full extent, but as more and more of our colleagues are remote workers, it makes it easier for everyone to work remotely. Even if I have a different life-situation than most of the remote crew, I find myself more and more “free” and remote myself. I love the combination of “the office”, and the freedom of being able to work anywhere - if it’s at home or at the bus, or a coffee-shop or in the mountains, it’s all possible!

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Marte has been a key person in the expansion of Ridestore, together with the “in-house” team and the remote team, Ridestore as a collective is heading for great things. The word collective is imperative as we are indeed, just that. A meeting of minds and creative ideas, those who come together, share skills and expertise to imagine something awesome and make it happen.

This is the modern way of working and for companies similar to Ridestore, created by passionate people for passionate people. The customer remains at the forefront but most crucially, happy staff means happy customers. What else is there to say, Ridestore has created harmony within the company and that's pretty special. Big thanks to Marte.

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