It started with LISTENING

Ridestore was founded over ten years ago. If we summarise the journey with one word, it would be "change". But one thing has stayed the same, our customer focus.  Today we are empowering an e-commerce movement. It's not a job; it’s a connection. Our mission is to empower the creativity of our customers. Our souls are filled with their passion.

“At ridestore there are no bosses. Except for the customers.”


How do we deepen the relationship with our customers while growing Ridestore? By keeping it simple. All parts of ridestore are constructed to maximise the benefit for the most important people, the customers!   

We design our work in line with our lifestyle. We have handcrafted a remote workforce based on performance. Over 40 passionate ridestore members are working from all over the world. We are not sitting together, but we are performing together; like never before. We have no fancy titles or hierarchical structures. The best ideas win, and the founders are simply one of us.

"The way we work is the way we live"


This means that our company offers it's own products to the customers, with no middlemen. We see it differently. The direct to the consumer method is about improving all parts of the company by empowering the customers. Our customer's feedback is our focus for future growth. This goes from product development, purchasing quantities, clothing design, on-page functionality, reviews to marketing and all of the customer experience decisions.

By listening and working with our customers we have created the fastest growing snow brand in Europe -> Dope Snow  

"Creating with your customers is the future of brands."